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Standing Together is a grassroots movement mobilizing Jews and Palestinians from all over Israel in pursuit of peace, equality, social and climate justice. While the minority who benefit from the current status quo of occupation and inequality seek to keep us divided, we know that we — the majority — have far more in common than that which sets us apart. When we stand together, we are strong enough to fundamentally alter the existing socio-political reality. The future that we want to see — with peace and independence for Israelis and Palestinians, full equality for all citizens, and true social, economic and environmental justice — is possible. Because where there is struggle, there is hope.

The work we do to bring about foundational change in Israeli society is impossible without the support of people like you. As a grassroots, we heavily depend on membership fees and our donor community. By donating to Standing Together on a one-off or continuous basis, you are not only contributing to our work but becoming a partner in our struggle for a more just and equal future for all in Israel. Together, we can make the future we all seek a reality.