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Israeli society is in deep crisis. Palestinians, LGBTQ people, asylum-seekers, and all other minorities face increasing discrimination. The Occupation deepens every day. Inequality is widening. 


But we have a plan. 

Standing Together, Israel’s largest grassroots Arab-Jewish movement is creating a new alternative. We’re building a new majority: The People’s Left – Jewish and Arab, Religious and Secular, Ashkenazi and Mizrachi – to fight for equality, peace, and climate justice. 

But we need your support. To build a People’s movement, we need tens of organizers on the ground, building regional and student chapters. We need massive leadership seminars to train hundreds of local leaders in community and political organizing. This will be a long journey – but we know it is possible. And that possibility – starts with your support.


Join the People’s movement and support Standing Together today.

For any questions, or for information on how to donate from a Donor-Advised fund, please contact
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