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Join Friends of Standing Together, our global community of partners in our mission to  achieve peace, equality, and social justice in Israel/Palestine.

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By becoming a monthly supporter and joining Friends of Standing Together, you will:


Join the larger global community of Standing Together, strengthening our voice for solidarity and peace worldwide 


Have the opportunity to participate in regular Zoom conversations with members of Standing Together’s leadership, and other events and meetings exclusive to Friends of Standing Together


Be invited to join Standing Together supporters' activities and organizing around the world

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We need you!

Israel/Palestine is at a historic junction. The coming days, months, and years will determine the path we follow - endless war and internal division, or solidarity and peace. For the latter to be achieved, a mass movement must demand it. Building such a movement is an ongoing task, and in order to continue to grow and expand our movement, we need ongoing support. Friends of Standing Together contribute monthly sums to Standing Together, which enables us to achieve the financial stability necessary to achieve real fundamental change and adapt to the changing needs of our society. It means that you’re not just there for us in moments of extreme crisis - rather you’re with us for the long run, and you’re committed to being a part of the long road that lies ahead of us.

Who we are

Standing Together is a progressive grassroots movement mobilizing Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel against the occupation and for peace, equality, and social justice. We know that the majority have far more in common than that which sets us apart and only a tiny minority benefits from the status quo. The future that we want — peace and independence for Israelis and Palestinians, full equality for everyone in this land, and true social, economic, and environmental justice — is possible. To achieve this future, we must stand together as a united front: Jewish and Palestinian, secular and religious, Mizrahi and Ashkenazi, rural and urban, and people of all genders and sexual orientations. As the largest Jewish-Arab grassroots movement in Israel, we are committed to creating an alternative to our existing reality and building the political strength to make this transformation possible.


At a time when we are witnessing so much death, destruction, racism, and division in Israel/Palestine, as well as deep political division, Islamophobia, antisemitism, and anti-Arab racism around the world - we need you now more than ever.


Join Friends of Standing Together and spread the word to your family and friends so that our voice for peace, equality, and social justice in Israel-Palestine will be heard across the globe.

For questions or requests regarding Friends of Standing Together membership, please contact:

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