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!The Technion race is for everyone

It is well known that the Technion is an establishment shared by students from various backgrounds and religions.

Next month, the Muslim students of our establishment will celebrate the month of Ramadan. It is crucial to mention that the month of Ramadan has the students fast from sunrise until sunset. Every year, Ramadan starts 10 days earlier than it did the previous one, to be exact - 10.875 days.

Despite the aforementioned, the Technion Race, an activity which is supposed to be accessible for all students attending our establishment, is being held during the month of Ramadan for the 5th year in a row, a result of academic planning not taking into account religious traditions.

This fact has many Muslim students feel excluded and discriminated against, seeing aa they cannot participate in the race while they're fasting. Indeed, this is discrimination, and we must not let it happen! We have to provide a feeling of equality for all students and allow everyone to participate in all Technion activities they wish to take part in.

Thus, we demand to change the date of the race to one which will allow every student, of any religion, ethnicity and gender to participate. Together, we want to create an atmosphere of unity and understanding on campus.

Join us by signing the petition calling to postpone the race to a later date, and to further encourage a fair and equal environment for all!

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شاركوا بالواتساب
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