Standing Together is an Israeli movement of Jews and Arabs, who, guided by the principles of peace, equality and social justice, aim to create social change in Israel.


We hold a holistic worldview and recognize the interconnections of the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories, the growing social and economic disparities within Israeli society, and the attacks by the government on democratic freedoms and on the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel. We cannot solve one of these problems without solving the other.

  Why we do what we do  

Israeli society is in crisis. The ability of existing organizations – be it the traditional parties of the Left or the various single-issue NGOs – to mobilize and activate progressive people in Israel, has become increasingly limited. Standing Together is a popular movement - a social and political grassroots movement which is inclusive, pluralistic, activist-based, democratically operated, and embodied by Socialist values.



  What we do  

We know that the most effective way of creating social change in Israel is together, and "Standing Together" has provided the long-needed platform and homebase for various progressive causes and struggles in Israel. We are expert at forging coalitions between groups and individual activists who have historically struggled for their causes alone and we champion models of cooperation and partnerships. 

We are comprised of several geographic-based chapters, currently five (Negev and the South; Jerusalem; Haifa and the North; the Sharon and Taybeh region; and Tel Aviv and the Center), and three student chapters (Haifa University; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ben Gurion University at the Negev). These chapters act locally and nationally through campaigns, educational activities and activism to promote and advance a more inclusive, equal and socially just society for all Israeli citizens, as well of an Israeli-Palestinian peace. In 2017-2018, we look forward to laying the groundwork that will enable us to organize and activate hundreds of new members as well as develop four new local chapters across Israel. 

  Our core issues  


Struggling for Peace and an End to the Occupation: For almost two years we have been organizing Israeli-Palestinian peace demonstrations in the occupied West Bank, held every month under the title of “Freedom Marches”. These monthly demonstrations attract hundreds of supporters, and have been the largest joint Israeli-Palestinian activities held in the past year (as described here in the Jerusalem Post).


On April 1st, 2017, we led a coalition of 15 peace and human rights organizations in a demonstration in Jerusalem titled "Jerusalem Marches for Peace", highlighting the cost of 50 years of occupation. This march, which brought together thousands of Jews and Arabs from across the country, began in East and West Jerusalem simultaneously, and converged at the Green Line border where Israeli and Palestinian activists held a moving joint rally. More can be read about the rally in this Haaretz piece.


HAARETZ editorial, April 3rd, 2017:

"This coalition of organizations, which is coordinated by Standing Together, noted that it plans to continue its demonstrations... Everyone who opposes the occupation and the government’s policy of incitement has a moral obligation to join this wave of protest"

This was not our first big mobilization in Jerusalem. On October 17th, 2015, “Standing Together” initiated a peace and equality march in the center of Jerusalem – at the height of the wave of violence – attended by 2,000 Jewish and Arab participants (as covered by CNN). This was quickly followed by a Jewish-Arab rally in the southern Arab-Bedouin town of Rahat and in northern city of Haifa, attended by hundreds.

Defending Democratic Rights, Demanding Equality: On February 4th, 2017, we mobilized 5,000 Jewish and Arab protesters in Tel-Aviv, supported by a coalition of more than 20 organizations, against the government's racist policy of Arab-Bedouin house demolitions. When the extremist group “Im Tirtzu” launched a smear campaign against human rights organizations, we took the initiative to organize a 3,000-strong march in Tel-Aviv. This was following a similarly-sized march held in May 2016, protesting the appointment of the war-mongering and race-baiting Avigdor Liberman as Minister of Defense.


Fighting for Social and Economic Justice: In August 2016 we launched a campaign aimed at securing a basic livelihood for elderly citizens in Israel called "Minimum 5,000." This campaign was organized in cooperation with the Power to the Workers Trade Union and demanded that the government provide an allowance to senior citizens that would guarantee every senior citizen a monthly income of at least 5,000 Shekels, even if his pension is nonexistent or very low.

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  We need your support to build our movement  

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