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On March 12th, Israeli Treasury Minister Bezalel Smotrich will make his trip to America since the election of Israel’s new far-right settler government.

For years, Smotrich built his political career on explicit racism and homophobia. He’s famously supported creating separate Arab and Jewish maternity wards and led “beast marches” to demonstrate against Israeli gay pride parades.

And since assuming his current position, Smotrich’s incitement has grown even more dangerous. Right before extremist Jewish settlers rampaged through the Palestinian town of Hurawa, Smotrich liked a tweet advocating for the village to be “erased.” When later confronted, Smotrich clarified that he does believe that Huwara should be “wiped out” – but the State of Israel should do the dirty work – not individual settlers.

Standing Together, Israel’s largest grassroots Jewish-Arab movement is organizing on the ground every day against Smotrich and his dangerous agenda. But we need your help! Add your name today to demand that the US deny entry to Smotrich.

Say no to racism.

Say no to Smotrich.

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